The tide comes in, and the tide goes out. The Moon waxes and the moon wanes. Again and again, on and on the cycle goes. It is the order of this world, the rhythm that this planet dances to. The seasons change, babies grow, leaves fall from trees, flowers bloom, the nights grow long. 

I know this truth about the universe deep in my bones. I think we all do. And while I can accept and embrace the changing nature of this world, oh boy, it has taken me so long to learn to love and accept my own rhythms. My own capacity to change. My capacity to give and to take, to feel free and to feel limited, to grow and to shrink, to hate myself and to be in awe of myself, to know all is well and to think that NOTHING is ok. 

I am part of this earth, I am made of the same star dust. So of course, just as the moon grows from nothing but a tiny slither of light in the sky to a full and blooming light, so will I. 

This little song was written a while ago on a full moon. I was feeling all the fear, all the panic, all the “I’m crap and I’m not good enough’s” that I’m sure we are all familiar with. And instead of judging myself and hating myself for having these thoughts and feelings, I wondered what it would be like to just embrace them? To accept them as part of who I am, and to trust that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

This song was an experiment in surrender. Instead of doing everything I could do numb the crap feelings, to pretend they didn’t exist, what if I simply allowed them to be? What if I could see them for what they were. Truth, my truth. But only in that moment. These feelings were real, but they didn’t need to be my forever story. So, on that particular full moon, I picked up my ukulele and wrote myself a gentle lullaby, a soothing song of sincere simplicity. A song that acknowledged the fear and the letting go of the fear.

Just like the moon, I am always changing. Moving from Love to Fear and bringing myself back to Love again. I will keep doing this til the day I die, I guess.

This song is probably the shortest and most simplest I have ever written. But it was created with an open heart, one that needs to be reminded every now and then that the tide will always shift.

Huge thanks to the beautiful Tamanna Kaul for filming this and to my wonderful brother Peter Carr for supporting me on the guitar as he always does. Deep gratitude also to Dr Ezzie Spencer who wrote the wonderful book Lunar Abundance which really opened me up to the idea of working with the moon as a mirror to my own life. You can visit her website here 

Happy Full Moon!!

Mezz xx